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We have created a complete tutorial that covers the entire Piano Methodology of Christian A. Pohl. Step by step, you will be guided through the methods and concepts and with the help of many different examples, you will learn what really matters in methodical work at the piano. Thrilling video demonstrations, interesting tests and enlightening assignments make the online study varied and entertaining. The courses build upon each other.


Would you like to be inspired or are you looking for answers about piano playing, practising and music? As a subscriber, you have access to all methods, concepts, learning objectives and practice models of the Piano Methodology, along with flashcards and instructional videos. Click through the exciting topics and apply what you've learned right away in your own practice!


Basic Level

The Basic Level leads through the most important methods and is suitable for acquiring a broad knowledge of working methods. It is aimed at all levels and serves as a basis for the two subsequent levels. In addition to students, pupils and piano teachers, interested enthusiasts can also benefit from this level. After completing the advanced training, the Basic Level certificate can be acquired online. The complete Basic Level will be online from 2022.


Professional Level

Here, contents are deepened and supplemented. The Professional Level is aimed both at piano students enrolled in Bachelor, Master and Concert Subject degrees, as well as at piano teachers. The focus is on the student's own artistic work as well as on questions of didactics. All literature examples are taken from the demanding classical repertoire.

The online course "Professional Level" may be followed by on-site seminars in Leipzig or webinars, where all methods are tried out together, demonstrated and discussed again. At the end of the seminar, participants receive the "Professional Level" certificate. Completion of the Professional Level is planned for 2024.


Expert Level

Those who want to delve deeper into Christian A. Pohl's Systematic Piano Methodology will find what they are looking for in the Expert Level. The examples and approaches in this level are at a high artistic and pianistic level. In addition to conveying knowledge of piano methodology, the Expert Level also aims to inspire and shed light on didactic aspects of piano methodology. Here too, after completion of the online course, seminars on site or webinars may follow, after which the "Expert Level" certificate can be acquired.

In the long term, it is planned to offer the prospect of acquiring a trainer's licence, which authorises the holder to give certified introductory seminars in the Systematic Piano Methodology or further training courses in this field.
The completion of the Expert Level is planned for 2024 / 2025.

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